Our Approach

Harbor Terrace continues to remain vigilant while providing housing and care services to our residents. Our administration team meets regularly to address current concerns about the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We understand that our residents are the most vulnerable population to this virus, and as such we have taken decisive action with regard to visitations, resident care, and staff coordination. Our staff has been educated to refrain from reporting to work if they exhibit the following symptoms—Fever, cough, cold, body aches, and headache. 

Mask Required

Everyone on our premises is required to wear a mask.

Reception Screenings

All entries to our facility are screened for signs of covid 19.

Infection Control

We regularly sanitize and clean frequently used surfaces and equipment.

Facility Precautions

Staff will follow strict precautions and use of personal protective equipments when interacting with residents, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including the following:

  • Monitoring residents daily for signs and symptoms and taking daily temperatures of each resident


  • Weekly COVID testing of all essential personnel.

  • All visitors are required to fever free to enter our facility.

  • Changes to the resident activity programs to include social distancing methods


  • Residents, Staff, and visitors are required to wear a mask while at our facility.